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Air rifle pellets keep changing, and with every update, they allow guns to achieve better accuracy and power. Air pellets are useful for all types of target practice, quarry hunting and pest control. However, you have to find the type of pellet that is attuned to your rifle and gives you the best accuracy with hitting power. The newest types of air rifle pellets include alloy or lead within the traditional Diablo style, but there are also wide head and ballistic alloy pellets. They feature a broader head and skirt with a narrow waist. This is the most popular shape because of its aerodynamic shape, which allows the pellet to achieve greater aerodynamic features and minimize the effects of drag. Simply put, the pellet flies straight without a single tumble.

You definitely don’t want to buy cheap ammo for your air rifle. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a high price, but it does mean you should always look for high quality air pellets at the best price. A cheaply made air pellet can mean terrible accuracy or even damage to your rifle. If you can spend a few extra dollars on a well-made air pellet, you’ll always fire exactly the way you mean to and keep your rifle in good shape. There are a few different types of air pellets to consider when shopping for the right one.

Wadcutter Pellets

wadcutter air rifle pelletIf you like to work within close ranges, pellets like the Crosman .177 Cal wadcutter are your best choice. They are best suited for low velocity shooting, which is typical of target shooting tournaments. They’ll cut a clean hole in the target paper. They also have tight accuracy for low FPS situations. Wadcutter pellets aren’t just good for target practice though. They have flatter, broad heads, which allow them to also be great for shots within 25 yards. For example, taking out pests with a wadcutter pellet would be easy.

Dome Pellets

Dome air rifle pelletThese pellets are also known as round-nose pellets. For hunting, these are the most used type of air pellet. They are also good for plinking and target shooting. They have a traditional Diablo silhouette while also providing top accuracy and powerful hits. They are also one of the low cost pellets. If you wanted to get just one type of air pellet, the round-nose would be your best option.


Hollowpoint Pellets

hollow point airrifle pelletWith hollowpoint pellets, the impact is maximized rather than the point of penetration. Air rifle hunters traditionally use hollowpoint pellets because they are the best ammo for hunting. However, these pellets have the best accuracy in close range situations because they are a lightweight pellet and often can’t go across long distances. The typical shape for hollowpoints is a round dome head with a hole in the center. Any game is unlikely to move if you shoot it with a hollowpoint pellet.

Solid Pellets

There’s nothing really fancy about the solid air pellet. It’s typically made from a lead alloy. They are heavy enough to maximize your range from momentum and also have a ton of hit power. The weight does slow down FPS, but if your rifle has a higher FPE, then the solid pellet will be your best ammo for hunting.

Pointed Pellets

pointed air rifle pelletThis air pellet is built like a wadcutter but hollow with a point in the center. Most hunters have a large stock of pointed pellets because it’s able to go the distance, provide a good flight and produce incredible accuracy. The point allows for extra penetration as well. Most game hunters use pointed pellets more than any other in their ammo collection, but it also depends on the type of quarry and what rifle you’re using. It wouldn’t be the best for any close range hunting.

Performance Ballistic Alloy Pellets

PBA Platinum Pellets-air-rifle-pellet.jpgSolid pellets may be designed for the heaviest weight, PBA pellets want to be as light as possible. They still have hitting power, but they are non-lead pellets made for hunters who want to get the most FPS out of their rifles. Manufacturers add about 30 percent more FPS in order to achieve this. While this pellet has grown popular recently, they aren’t really good for anything but raising your FPS on a rifle that doesn’t have a lot of power. Even if your pellet can break the sound barrier at 1,100 FPS with these air pellets, it’s likely that your accuracy will suffer. Close range hunters may prefer the PBA pellet.

Why Steel BBs and Darts Aren’t a Good Idea

air-rifle-darts.jpgFor those who are new to air rifles, it may seem like it’s not so different to replace a pellet with a steel BB or dart. However, this ammo isn’t appropriate for any air rifle except possible smooth bore rifles that can handle BBs. Darts are not acceptable for any rifle as they typically damage the gun. They also should not be used for hunting or pest control as they are quite unsafe. BBs typically have bad accuracy and are just good for plinking. Otherwise they might ricochet, and you can catch something in your eye that you didn’t want. If you plan to be an air rifle hunter, then you want to use air pellets.

For the serious air rifle hunter, a collection of every air pellet is worth the cost. They are fairly low-priced in comparison to other types of ammo, and you can find a variety of online stores that sell air rifle pellets for a good price. When shopping for any type of pellet, you want to take note of the shape, alloy, design, FPS and accuracy. You should always purchase pellets for the types of air rifles that you have at home and ensure that they will be the best for the type of quarry that you plan to hunt. If you are interested in target shooting and close range, then you may only want to purchase pellets that have the highest accuracy for these types of situations.

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